Digital experience update on Chemring Group

The project aimed to create a new website and a new digital communication with users, presenting their partners and products.


Project overview

What the expectations to accomplish.

Chemring is joining their sub-brands into their Group website, this generated several challenges of design and user goals.

Chemring Group is a global business providing a range of advanced technology products and services to the aerospace, defence and security markets. Chemring has extensive operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


What I was expecting to accomplish.

New look and feel

Design a resposive website where users can understand the company goals, see their products, contact their offices and apply for a career.


All around their sub-brands have completely different look and feel. This was the main pain point, unify their digital look, creating a consistent user journey.

Product facing

Joining their brands, products needed to surface the website. Showing how they produce equipment to make my life and your life safer.

The problem

And why it's relevant.

And why it's relevant.

Different stakeholders mean different ideas, I had to manage 13 people expectations. This was not the biggest challenge.

The main challenge was to bring the sub-brands to the Group website but to still let them have their visual identity not clashing with the main Blue Brand, to have their own one page, displaying their different products. The old website below to show how their digital state was out of date with small fonts and all looking the same complicating user content navigation.


The solution

It's time to get real.

Experience, research and validation are the main things that made me get things done. The client always needs to feel comfortable in making decisions and at the same time trusting the designer experience. 

File structure defined in a design system style, thing ahead for future company changes and branding updates. 12 pages designed to help the client understand the content and how the website could achieve bigger goals. 40 modules designed to support client need. One landing page template to be used by their sub-brands with creativity freedom not affecting the Group Brand.


Design system

Scalability and consistency.





text styles




What I've learned?

Reflecting back on the project.

Group companies need more than a website, they need to represent how big and united they are.

I'm happy with the results and client feedback, sub-brands can now feel comfortable to have their own space inside of the Group website. Designed system will help them in future growth or changes in their group. What I could have done differently: more image treatment flexibility and tested a bit more the contact user journey because they have companies all around the globe with different products.

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