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Save money with a click using Verde Amarelas

Brazilian app that offers coupons and discount vouchers to users. These vouchers are free, click, get the voucher and enjoy the discount.


Project overview

What the expectations to accomplish.

This project was a contract, to research, validate and design the app and their website. All steps focusing on users and insights from the research.

VerdeAmarelas™ is an online vouchers and promotions for Brazilians living in London, more than 40 companies as partners adding vouchers weekly.


What I was expecting to accomplish.

1 click

Users want less clicks to get their vouchers. Too many clicks makes them leave the app.

Easy onboarding

3 steps onboarding, using social media or simple personal info user can acess vouchers.

Random results

Everytime users enter the app they get new results of vouchers, this creates more interaction.

The problem

And why it's relevant.

And why it's relevant.

The audience is everyone that buy online or navigate searching for vouchers/discounts. This creates a large research phase to get as many insights as possible.

All users during research were using different apps to get vouchers, focus group then was necessary to do a competitor analysis with users.

The solution

It's time to get real.

One page website facilitates user to understand what the company offers, and to download the app.

User flow created to understand how users would land in the app and reach the vouchers. Tested with users, I have discovered that most of them use social media to log in as they don't want to create a new user and password for each application they use.

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What I've learned?

Reflecting back on the project.

Users want discounts but they want as well a good product. So most vouchers uploaded that were not valuable for the user did not have a good performance.

Stakeholders are happy with results, they even had Burger King vouchers for a week. I would do a 6-month review and updates but stakeholders sold the company as a database for another voucher company.

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